The Chattanooga Breakfast Rotary Club is seeking beer and food vendors for our second annual Brew Skies Beer & Food Festival on March 28, 2020!
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Your participation will help us raise funds for the service projects our club performs in the local community and around the world, including literacy and citizenship programs with Hixson area elementary schools and clean water and sanitation projects in Haiti. 
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Vendor Entry & Tickets

There's no entry fee for vendors! In fact, you get free tickets for donating your time and food/beer to this fundraiser! (Everyone must be ticketed, including vendors.) All vendors must register in advance!

  • Food vendors - 2 tickets per team (per 300 pieces of food)

  • Beer vendors - 2 tickets per 10 gallons of beer entered in the competition

Home brew competition

Home brewers are invited to bring your best concoctions for attendees to sample from their souvenir tasting glasses! They'll then vote for their favorite home brew of the day to crown the People's Choice Home Brew Award. Also up for grabs are the Judges' Choice Home Brew Award. Don't forget about "Most Spirited Table" Award - pick a theme and have fun!

Each beer vendor should supply the following:

  • 10 gallons of each beer you're entering (let us know how many you're bringing - minimum is 10 gallons of one beer)

  • Table and chairs

  • Jockey box for serving

  • CO2 and regulator

  • Sign for your booth

Ice will be provided! No tents as you'll be under the covered walkway area of the Choo Choo Gardens. No electricity is available.


We are only able to host an amazing event because of you! In appreciation, we will provide each team with $100 in gift cards to local breweries and/or Food City on the day of the event to help recoup costs of ingredients.


Local breweries are also welcome to join in! Same vendor requirements as for home brewers, but the competition is for home brewers only. Approximately 1,000 attendees will sample your beers, and swag is welcome! Don't forget about "Most Spirited Table" Award - pick a theme and have fun!


We are only able to host an amazing event because of you! In appreciation, we will purchase $100 in gift cards from your business to use as door prizes and appreciation gifts to other supporters.

Food competition

Got a killer or creative slider or taco concept? Professional and home/amateur cooks are invited bring your take on your handheld favorites! Get creative to capture the People's Choice Award or the Judges' Choice Award! Don't forget about "Most Spirited Table" Award - pick a theme and have fun!


Thanks to the generosity of event sponsor Food City, the first 20 food vendors to sign up will receive a $100 Food City gift card on the day of the event to help recoup costs of ingredients. Applies to home/amateur cooks only -- not restaurants.

Each team should supply the following:

  • Tables and chairs

  • Heat source – propane, camp stove, grill, or sterno. No electricity is provided.

  • Cooking thermometer, cooking equipment, utensils and serving gloves

  • 300 pieces of food

Additional info

  • Meat may be pre-cooked before the event but must be served at 160F.

  • No grilling. No deep frying. No open flames on-site

  • 2 members per team max.

  • Teams are responsible for not preparing or serving harmful ingredients. (Teams must be willing to eat their own dish!)

  • Teams must provide a list of ingredients, including spices (due to allergies)

Keeping it clean!

  • Practice proper sanitation - keep your area clean.

  • Keep perishable items in a cooler packed with ice.

  • Use separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables. Wash your veggies!

  • Keep your hands clean. Use disinfecting sanitizer and plastic gloves.


  • Location: The Chattanooga Choo Choo Gardens

  • Vendor load in must be completed by 1:00pm

  • Approximately 9'x8' space allotted per vendor. (If you're bring several beers, we will try to allot more than one space for more "frontage" for serving.)

  • Vendors are responsible for breakdown and clean up of space and surrounding area at the end of the event.

    The festival provides:

    • One marked space per vendor/team (approximately 9'x8', TBD based on space - but no tents required)

    • Napkins & serving plates

    • Souvenir tasting glasses for participants

    • Voting Supplies

    • 21+ ID check and wristbands

Contact Dawn Hjelseth (dawn@greenspaceschattanooga.com)

Vendor Survey respondents...

100% said they'd be likely to recommend being a Brew Skies vendor to a friend next year.

100% said they felt "very supported" by event staff and volunteers.

What was your favorite part of being a Brew Skies vendor?

"Seeing people fall in love with my creations!"

"We had a great time. The crowd was very enthusiastic, Rotary Club was very helpful, infrastructure was great. Was able to pour beers and was able to break loose easily to sample other beers and [food]."

"I really liked meeting so many different people!"

"Seriously great food, seriously great beer. Everyone was incredibly friendly."

"I liked the smaller crowd and variety of beer that we can't get in a store."

What's one thing we could improve for next year?

"Go bigger? Seriously, I wouldn't change a thing unless you have the ability to add more beer and food vendors."