April 145 - 9_00 p.m.Chattanooga Choo Choo (2).png


Barley Mob Brewers of Chattanooga
- Scott Phillips-Barley Mob
- Allen Vessels
- Chris Arnt
- Corey Heartfield

Dank Dungeon Brewing

Normal Brewing

Monkey Town Brewing Company

Urban Dics Homebrewing

Chef Nick Thiers

35°85° Brewing

S&B Brewing

T-n-T Brewing

Driveway Brew Works

Dry Valley Brewing

The Farm Homebrewers

St. Abdon's Aegis

Cabin Attic Brewing

Albatross Homebrew Co.


Heaven & Ale Brewing Company

Hutton & Smith Brewing Company

Chattanooga Brewing Company

Oddstory Brewing Company

McHale's Brewhouse

Terminal Brewhouse

Big River Brewing Company

Bell's Brewery